Friday, August 6, 2010

Edinburgh blog at the 'Fringe' festival

Welcome to this new blog – the Edinburgh blog at the 'Fringe' festival.

To bring you up to date, if you haven't been a follower of my other blog – The Storyteller – I am in Edinburgh with my one-man-show A Bit of Irish.I lost my guitar for a while with FedEx and it finally showed up with a crack on the neck so I had to buy another one and I'll make a claim with FedEx when I have the time.

I usually do my show dressed in a tuxedo or, as my brother protests, a dinner jacket and black trousers (there we are Pat I didn't says pants) as in the original picture; the first thing I usually do when I do my show at a theatre is to take the suit to the nearest dry cleaners to the theatre. This is what I did on Tuesday and when we went to collect it yesterday it wasn't there. The man at the cleaners said he didn't know what had happened to it.

The suit wasn't cleaned on the premises but sent out to another and we have to go today to see if it has turned up – by the way in dollars the cost of the cleaning is around $16.50 which is about three time as much as in Los Angeles.

I'm sure it'll be there today.

We did the technical rehearsal yesterday and we had 90 minutes to complete it. An old friend of mine, Chris Hickman, from drama school days has volunteered to help me do the show and there he is, above, getting to know the board and the pictures of me are at Gullane Village Hall rehearsing with my new guitar. Gullane is one of the most idyllic places on earth and I would seriously consider living there; but I can never see it happening.

Today I do a dress rehearsal and the first preview is tomorrow so let's hope for good reviews.

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  1. Hi Chris, well you are finally in the land of [scotch] mist and midges. but I understand you can still get a drop of Jamesons -if you ask in a whisper! It looks as tho' things are progessing OK, at least I do not detect and moments of "rising hysteria". What's with this losing things? Do you have your name and address with you?