Sunday, August 8, 2010

Edinburgh Blog

No reviews as yet; we did a preview last night and I managed to get the show down to 45 minutes as opposed to the 90 minutes or so when I did it before. I had to omit the poem by WB Yeats; not necessarily for time as it took only 2 minutes 22 seconds; how do I know and how can I be so precise about it's length? Because I would do it over some Celtic music – beautiful music I might add – and the licence to use the music over here is too expensive for the tiny show we are doing so I dropped it.

It's free in America as the radio stations don't pay royalties over there – they just play them for free as they don't want to pay money to foreign countries; I'm ambivalent about it as I like to use it for free but on the other hand the songwriters and record makers should be paid.
After our dress rehearsal the other night we went to a great pub called The Captain's Bar; it's a pub with a literary tradition and on Monday (tomorrow) I am due to read my short story in there – The Gold Watch – at 7:30 just after I finish my show on the opening night; that is if I can access it on my other blog as I don't have a copy with me.

That may come as a surprise to Chris as I forgot tell him last night.

So that's it for now till we get some reviews; the photo above is from the dress rehearsal and not too clear but you can get the gist.

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  1. sounds like your having fun :) i was trying to remember the name of the irish bar on leith walk if its still there , but for the life of me i cant remember it, but theres one you may like on victoria street number 9 it is called finnegans wake